Admission to Tibberton School

Children who become five years old between 1st September and 31st August can be admitted full-time from the beginning of the Autumn Term in September.

Parents can exercise their right to delay admission until their child is of statutory school age from the beginning of the term after their fifth birthday.Children at Tibberton School

Towards the end of the Summer Term the children who are due to start full time in September are invited to attend a session in Class 1 to help them become familiar with the new surroundings and get to know their class teacher and fellow pupils.

Children normally remain at the school until the end of the school year in which they reach their eleventh birthday.

The general policy for admissions has been based on the available accommodation within the school and is subject to the school’s standard number of 20 pupils per Foundation and Key Stage 1 year group (Reception to Year 2) and 24 pupils per Key Stage 2 year group (Year 3 – Year 6).

In the event of the number of applications for admission exceeding the vacancies available, priority will be based on the following criteria in the order stated:-

1. Children who are in the care of the authority.

2. Brothers or sisters already attending the school living in the area normally served by the school.

3. The place of residence is within the local area which the school serves.

4. Children of parents who are regular members of Tibberton/Sambrook Church congregations.

5. Brothers or sisters of children already attending the school living outside the normal area served by the school.

6. Children from outside the area normally served by the school on distance criteria based on proximity and ease of access.

7. Health reasons. In exceptional circumstances these may be given high priority.

Applying for a Place

Parents who are considering sending their children to the Tibberton are welcome to make an appointment to talk to the Headteacher and see the school in action.

All admission requests are dealt with directly by the Education Team of the authority in which the pupil resides who will liaise with the Telford & Wrekin Admissions Team.

New Reception starters apply directly to Telford & Wrekin for a place.

Visit Telford & Wrekin’s School Admissions Website

Please follow the link below to see the determermined school admission arrangements for 2020-21:
Determined School Admission Arrangements 2020-21



Parents have the right to appeal if the school is full. Appeals must be in writing to the Telford & Wrekin Education Officer, requesting the appropriate form and setting out reasons for requiring a place at the school.

Parents have the right to make personal representation to the Appeals Committee. The decision of the Appeals Committee will be binding on the Education Authority.