Y6 Dodgeball Report

Y6 pupils enjoyed some fierce competition at a recent Dodgeball competition.

The dodgeball competition was a new event which we haven’t entered before, but decided we would like to give it a go. Learning as we played, the pupils managed to develop at an amazing pace.

In the first round we played three matches and out of these we won the first match remarkably quickly. The second match taught us a lot about tactics and we began to develop our own style of play leading to another win in our third match. Consequently our scores put us through to the next round where we had to play a team who were top of another group. Again we played well as a team and supported each other leading to a win. This put us through to the final match. We played very well and with great determination but unfortunately we didn’t manage to win the final. However, their place in the final match means that our team will go through to the next Telford and Wrekin competition to battle for a place at the School Summer Games in July.

The team all enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the games and the fast pace of the sport. I think we will be entering again!