Wellbeing Week – Find your brave….then and now!

Our resident safeguarding team recently launched Wellbeing week during whole school worship.  The fabulous ten pupils from class 3-5, acted out various ways in which we can stay happy and healthy with top tips including;

Be active – KS1 classes took part in power stretching PE with an animal theme to fit in with their respective scheme of work.  KS2 pupils took part in a high impact aerobic workout followed by relaxation activity.

Be helpful – Here at Tibberton the children are encouraged from day one to help and support each other both in the classroom and on the playground.

Connect with others – break and lunchtimes provide a great opportunity for the children to talk and play with their friends.


Take notice – KS1 took part in a rainbow nature walk and spotted signs of Spring.

Learn something new – Year 6’s had a go at blow football for the first time.  The only hitch was that they could only move using their hands and feet. A challenge not for the faint hearted!

Year 4 girls learned a new dance routine and taught it to KS1 children during lunchtimes.

We are always thankful for our friends, family and community, more so now than ever.  Please use the advice of our safeguarding team and help each other, stay active, try something new and connect with others in any way you can.

Over the coming weeks, should you try any baking, why not use Class 1 and 5’s recipe for Wellbeing in their bake off challenge; a cupful of thankfulness; 60 grams of courage; three packets of wishes; a scoop of dreams; a pinch of energy, 100ml of new experiences; a dollop of hope; a handful of awareness, a jar of friendliness and a sprinkle of helpfulness.

Please see the A-Z of self-care the children were introduced to during Wellbeing week for ways in which you can stay happy and healthy.



How can you look after your wellbeing during self-isolation?
Stay active – Why not go for a walk, bike ride or take part in Joe Wicks’ workouts at 9:00am each morning on the internet in the comfort of your own home.

Help others – stay at home and follow the government guidelines of social distancing and washing your hands.

Connect with others – there are so many ways we can communicate with our loved ones and friends without meeting with them.  With adult permission and guidance its possible to text, facetime, email and skype.  We are not in this alone!

Take notice and learn something new – take time to learn a new skill together and share skills.  If someone in your household can play the guitar could they teach you how to play? This time is an opportunity for you to play games with each other and enjoy some quality time.

Please stay safe, be sensible and look after each other.