We are Celebrating Harry & Meghan’s Wedding!

Thursday 17th May
Wearing gold crowns courtesy of the Catering Service, the children are invited to enjoy the Big Royal Wedding Breakfast, followed by a slice of wedding cake.

To avoid any confusion – this meal is just for the children.

Please note – we’re swapping the Tuesday and Thursday meals that week (Week 2 on the menu), with the Pasta Bake now on the Tuesday.

Also, as it’s Census Day, could you please encourage your children to have a meal on that day, especially if they are KSl – the universal free meal funding depends on it.

Friday 18th May
Colourful Mufti Day – The children can come to school wearing something red, white and blue, such as a T-shirt with a Union Jack on it. A £1 donation towards PTA funds would be much appreciated.