Online Safety Alert

Dear Parents and Carers,

A parent has brought to our attention concerns about disturbing trailer videos preceding YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook called, ‘Momo Challenge.’

Apparently, the Momo character entices the children to participate in a hide and seek game with the nature of the challenges becoming more sinister and potentially more dangerous.  The character also tells the children not to tell their parents, which goes against everything we are teaching the children about keeping safe online.

This grotesque game pops up and sends young people images on how to harm themselves and others. This is being fed through WhatsApp and other social platforms as well as through innocent YouTube videos popular with children.

I have tried to access information about the ‘Momo Challenge’ in school and I am pleased to report that all pages are blocked by Telford & Wrekin’s filtering system. Your own filters may need updating to ensure that this content does not come through to your children at home.

I hope you find this information useful in protecting your children from a variety of unacceptable and disturbing online content.

Helen Osterfield