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School Run Clubs

At Tibberton we have high expectations of our pupils, challenging them to work together and achieve their full potential, but we believe that education is about more than just academic success.

We believe there are many benefits to school clubs, either held after school or during lunch times.

They can provide children with opportunities to:

  • Increase their participation in physical activity and improve fitness levels
  • Further the knowledge, understanding and skills developed within curriculum time
  • Try out activities not included within the curriculum
  • Begin to specialise in specific activities
  • Make independent choices and decisions about their participation
  • Become involved in the organisation, management and leadership of activities
  • Take part in activities for a variety of different reasons (e.g. for recreation, fun, competition, social)
  • Socialise with pupils from different classes/year groups and make new friends.

As a result our staff work hard to plan, organise and run as varied a range of clubs that we can. We often are supported in this by outside organisations which run popular clubs after school.

The range of sporting clubs will vary on a seasonal basis and can include football, rugby, cross country, cricket and tag rugby.

We also have a fantastic school choir who often practice after school. In the past, we have had other music clubs including a school orchestra and recorder clubs for Keystage 1 and 2.

Other clubs which may be available at other times of the year include:

  • Cookery Club
  • Art Club
  • Drama Club
  • Keep Fit
  • Science Club
  • Multi-skills
  • Head Start
  • Language Club