ELSA Support 14 Day Home Challenge

As some of you may be aware, part of my role at Tibberton Primary school is to support the emotional development of children, helping them to understand their emotions and respect the feelings of others around them. The school allows me to provide the time and space for children to think about their personal circumstances and how they manage them.

Although we are moving into unchartered territory with regards to how we look after each other and live our lives from day to day, sharing resources online I hope will allow me to continue to support the children and their families in some way.

Lots of people will be looking for activities whilst school is closed due to this Coronavirus outbreak. Please see the link below for some activities for you to try. There are 14 days worth but many can be used over several days if necessary. The file is a PDF. All you need to do to go to each activity is to click the BLUE Title writing within the PDF file which is shared at the end of this post. This will take you to a FREE resource on the website so you can download and print it out.

I will try to source lots of other challenges and activities you can do whilst at home and share them with you on the school website. In the meantime, please stay safe and look after each other.

Mrs Leaver.