Social stories to help children understand more about Coronavirus and life at present

Please see below some links to various social stories from the ELSA support network for you to access in order to help you, help your child/children make sense of the situation we are all experiencing at the moment.

Hope they are useful to all!

  1.  We are at home right now – If you are a parent whose children are getting bored and fed up being at home, this story may help. There is a plan you can print at the end of the story for children to plan their days (with a bit of help).
  2. Social contact story – Great to use with any children who are worrying about being outside the house.  Why not try  the vitamin D route as a different angle due to it being an essential vitamin for a good immune system. Of course we get most of our vitamin D from the sunshine.
  3. Childrens story about Coronavirus – A Coronavirus story to try and help explain Coronavirus to children from the ELSA support team.
  4. Our school is closing for a while –  Another story to explain to children about their school being closed.
  5. Someone I know has Coronavirus

How to find happiness in a crisis – Active Coping Calendar April 2020

Dear parents/carers/guardians,

As our resident ELSA, I’ve been sent this calendar from Action for Happiness, which provides us with simple ways to keep calm, stay wise and be kind during this crisis.  Please click on link below to access the April calendar.

Frozen Dance Challenge

Calling all dancers….Tibberton Primary needs you!

I know you will all be familiar with Seesaw by now; the homeschooling medium that allows communication between teachers, parents and children. Well, two sisters from KS1 have found the time to not only do their set work but also learn a new dance and have sent the routine to their class teachers, Mrs Gregory and Mrs Wright.

Mia and Paige went onto Oti Mabuse’s youtube channel (she teaches a routine every morning at 11:30am) and joined in the workout.  I feel so inspired by their enthusiasm and their brilliant performance, I thought we could get the whole school learning the dance.  We can then perform it together when school re-opens and things get back to normal.

In the mean time, what a great way to stay fit.  So, move over Joe Wicks (who I think is a fitness super hero by the way) here we come. See if you can get your parents involved too and i’ll work on the teaching staff! Why not let your class teacher know if you’ve mastered the Frozen dance challenge via Seesaw.  They’d love to see you in action.

Please see the link below to view the Frozen dance tutorial.

Stay fit, stay calm and remember…..keep dancing!!


Mindful Monday – Rainbow Window Art & Happy Place Visualisation Drawing

Some more colouring opportunities for the whole family to enjoy from the ELSA support network website.

1. Time for some positive quotes and rainbow window art.

These are lovely to do and pop in your windows. Lots of colouring and discussion about what the quote might mean.

2.  Today we have a ‘happy visualisation’  This is purely a drawing exercise where children can think about their happy place. It might be a real place it might be imagination such as unicorn land or in the clouds with rainbows and sunshine. It really doesn’t matter. They are learning to visualise a place that makes them feel happy so that when things get tough they can ‘go to their happy place’.

Ask your child if they can visualise their place.  What colours can they see? What can they hear? What can they smell? What can they feel? What can they taste? Help them to use all of their senses to visualise that happy place.


Happy-Place Visualisation Drawing