Christmas Cards

The Christmas Card order has now been submitted.

Any late orders can be printed but cannot be processed until the first week of December. 

Re-orders can only be made on cards and mugs which will be priced at £6 each.

No further re-orders can be taken after the 30th November to ensure delivery of your Cards and Mugs in time for Christmas posting.


Important Notices

Safeguarding Alert
It has been brought to our attention that over the last few weeks, a number of people have been seen accessing the school roof and climbing over the fences during the evenings. We cannot stress how dangerous this is. Unauthorized access to the roof may put the life of the person accessing it at risk.We have spoken with Police who have advised us that a 999 call should be made if anyone is spotted on the roof.

Christmas Cards for School
Please note that the deadline for Christmas Card orders is this Thursday, 17th October (not November as advertised on the newsletter – apologies). Any orders received after this date have to go down as late and late fees will be charged.

KS1 Shared Read (Wednesday 16th October)
Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, this week’s shared reading for KS1 has been cancelled. The sessions will continue as normal from next week.

Dance Fusion Week 3 Choreography Update

Please see the links below for this weeks choreography update.

Tonight was a slightly different format…after practising the whole group dance, we then split into three groups.  Each group learned a different routine following three group leaders.  We then ran it through in canon to the track, Bounce Back by Little Mix.

In the middle of the performance, dancers were able to show off their individual street dance skills before carrying on with the group routine.

Well done to all of the dancers who are working hard to master the choreography each week. A huge thank you to Abbie and Erin who worked with their own groups in a mature and nurturing manner.  Mrs Gregory and I are grateful for your support and talent!

If you are practising the small group introduction at home, the music comes in at 1 minute 51 seconds.

We’ve heard that there are some parents practising the routine at home. Fantastic family fun!

Week 3 Dance Fusion Abbie’s Group Routine Breakdown

Week 3 Mrs Leaver’s Group Routine Breakdown

Week 3 Erin’s Group Routine Breakdown

Week 3 – All 3 group routines to music