Being beebots!

Year 1 and Reception have been having great fun doing maths outdoors this week.  We have been measuring lengths and heights of objects that we have found outside.  Today we have been using using the language for direction such as forward, backward, turn left, turn right.  We then programmed our Beebot partner to move around the playground!

Looking after Rapunzel

We have been writing about Rapunzel this week and we have thinking about how she could stay healthy.  This afternoon Year 1 designed her room in the tower so she could be as healthy as possible!

Rapunzel in the tower!

Super Scientists

We have been finding out about what is living, what is not living and what was once alive.  We sorted some objects then found some examples of each in our outdoor area.

Wonderful World Book Day

What a busy week we are having!  We had a great day today.  The children really enjoyed being in different clothes and sharing their books with their friends.  In the afternoon we had a special storytelling session.  We even had a bed in class for our ‘great bedtime story’.