Looking after Rapunzel

We have been writing about Rapunzel this week and we have thinking about how she could stay healthy.  This afternoon Year 1 designed her room in the tower so she could be as healthy as possible!

Rapunzel in the tower!

Super Scientists

We have been finding out about what is living, what is not living and what was once alive.  We sorted some objects then found some examples of each in our outdoor area.

Wonderful World Book Day

What a busy week we are having!  We had a great day today.  The children really enjoyed being in different clothes and sharing their books with their friends.  In the afternoon we had a special storytelling session.  We even had a bed in class for our ‘great bedtime story’.

A tasty Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday started with a special worship, followed by an inter house pancake flipping competition.  We then had a pancake making demonstration and then, finally, we got to eat them!

Curious about careers week

We have really enjoying finding out about different careers this week.  So far we have been visited by a midwife, a microbiologist, an A&E nurse, a solicitor, a chef, an occupational therapist, a police officer and a community support officer.  A big thank you to all our visitors. I wonder what tomorrow will bring…


On Friday we had a fantastic storytelling session.  We transformed the classroom into a theatre, with a stage at the centre.  The children acted out some stories created by children then two of the children told their own stories which we acted.  This approach is based on the idea of ‘helicopter stories’ and aims to develop self-confidence, creativity and embrace children’s imagination!

The children loved it and we will be doing these sessions regularly from now on.

Our Class Charter

This term we have been working on our Class Charter.  As a Rights Respecting school, we have been thinking about how we can make Class 1 a great place to learn, in view of our right to a primary school education and a right to enjoy all the good things that learning brings (article 28 and 29 of the UN convention of Rights).  We are thinking about how our behaviour helps us and our classmates learn, for example trying something new, having a go even if it seems a little hard, not giving up, helping each other.