After School Gym Club KS1 – Jumping and landing

The second half of the spring term is now well under way and seventeen KS1 children are taking part in our after school gym club. Our focus for week 1 was ‘Jumping and Landing’ correctly and safely along the mats and from various pieces of equipment.  

We warmed up with a game of Foxes and Rabbits where the children are required to travel on their hands and feet and use co-ordination and balance to hold bridge shapes. This is a fun way of strengthening their shoulders, core muscles and legs in preparation for tackling more complex gymnastic skills as they progress through the school.

By the end of the lesson, all of our little gymnasts were able to demonstrate various shaped jumps when dismounting from the vault and jumping over bean bags.

Here are the children in action. Well done and keep up the good work.

Mrs Leaver and Mrs Gregory.